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April Newsletter

KSA's 3rd GBM

April 5th at 8 PM on Zoom

Do you have anyone in mind that would be a great fit for the position?

Please submit your nomination!

Can you believe it?

It's our LAST GBM of the year!!


Come learn more about our April Events!! We have a lot of fun events waiting for you!

E-Board nomination

April 5th-April 12th

Spirit Week

Do you remember having a spirit week in high school? 

well, it's making a comeback!

Submit your photo to be featured in our IG story!


Foodie Day

show us your favorite Korean restaurant!


Twin Day 


Twin with another KSA member!


K-Culture Day 

Share your favorite thing about K-Culture! (your favorite kpop group, food, trend, anything!)

It is time for Election!!

Please come out to vote for your

E-board 2021-2022!

E-Board election

April 19th

8 pm on zoom